Kitchen Cabinet Update

Okay!  So it has been at least a couple weeks since I posted about our DIY kitchen project.  To be completely honest I had this irrational idea that it would take us no longer than a week to finish this…  And… This is where we are today:

DSCN0541 DSCN0544

So far we have finished painting and polyurethaning (I may have just made up that word…) everything but the cabinet doors.  This is a close up of how the draws look painted with a little bit of distressing around the edges:


The pictures definitely make them look a lot more blue than they really are, but you can see just a little bit of that oak wood showing through, which I like.  The cabinets were not in the best shape after 25+ years of use so I figured I was not going to try to make them look flawless… flawless is a little boring, in my opinion.

We were going to use aged bronze hardware and handle pulls, but when we put a sample of a brushed nickel handle pull up next to the draws in comparison (just to see) we ended up liking the brushed nickel… Totally did not see that one coming.

The hardware and handles will be arriving today and I am super excited to get those on our drawers (and our cabinet doors… but they will have to wait until we finish them).

So far I am really liking the chalk paint recipe and with the polyurethane we have not had any chipping or scratching etc.  Except, Before we polyurethaned the doors, Nacho decided he wanted to leave his artistic touch to one of the doors, but we just had to sand it a little and paint that spot again…  we should have no problem with scratches after they have been sealed with the polyurethane.

Can't you see his remorse...

Can’t you see his remorse…

3 weeks in and we still have not even started the upper cabinets, but that should happen soon.  We have the basic flow down now and there is a lot less space to paint in comparison to the lower cabinets.

Oh, and I snapped this picture of little Gabriella after I cut one of our giant roses from our front yard:


Babies in bumbo’s… doesn’t get much cuter!


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