Kitchen update (and so it begins)

This project is super exciting but it is going to take a while so I figured I would document as we go.  We I mean me are in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets.  I researched and found a recipe for DIY chalk paint.  I liked the idea of this as with chalk paints you do not need to sand and prime… just get to painting.  I wanted to do a 2 tone look in the kitchen that I have been seeing around Pinterest and Better Homes and Gardens magazines so I decided on a Slate like dark blue for the bottom cabinets and a Colonial White both by Olympic paint (Flat Finish).  Here is a picture of our kitchen before we began this project:


Hello Elizabeth! Glad you could join me for this picture 🙂


Yeah, my kitchen gets messy and cluttered, totally not going to pretend that my house is super clean all the time.  You can see all of my supplies on the counter just waiting to start.  Oh my goodness what was I thinking… I Mean  YAY!!!

First Eric and I took down one of the cabinets that we didnt need that I felt was making our kitchen seem smaller and blocked light coming in from the kitchen window:



We had to sand and repaint the area where the old cabinet used to be… Look at how handsome he is when doing house projects!DSCN0509 And this is how it looks after! So much nicer and way more open.

Now that that giant cabinet is gone I began painting the cabinets with the chalk paint.  The recipe I used for home made chalk paint is:

1 Cup of Flat Latex paint (I have been using Olympic in zero VOC from Lowes)

2 1/2 Tablespoons of Plaster of Paris

2 1/2 Tablespoons of hot water


Mix the plaster of paris with the hot water until it is completely smooth with no chunks.

Add the water/plaster of paris mixture to the paint and stir well

So far I have learned to only mix how much I will be using at that time as I have mixed a double batch so that I can come back to the painting as I have the time and found that the paint got lumpy.

Here is how the Lower Cabinets looked with 1 coat

oh, hello Nacho :)

oh, hello Nacho 🙂

My cabinets are Oak so you can see that the grain really shows through, I figured I would embrace this as I like more of the rustic feel any way and plan on lightly distressing the edges of cabinets to rough it up a little, I like the country/romantic look.

Here is a picture with 2 coats of paint:


Don’t worry… I am going to paint the rest of that cabinet door…

And… Just for fun, look what I found when I removed all of our drawers from our built in kitchen desk



I thought the hardwood that we have in our kitchen was original to the house (since it is not in the best of shape)  But I found this super dated linoleum hiding under the cabinet.  Adds a bit of secret charm in my opinion!

Anyway… That is where we are right now on the kitchen project.  Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more pictures and tips that I learn as I go.


Easy (No Sew) Knotted baby headband made from an old T-shirt

So many times in my adventures outside of the home I have been told how cute my little boy is….  I don’t have a little boy!

There is something about having a baby out in public not wearing a headband or bow that makes them obviously a little boy (even when they are wearing a floral print or something pink).  I am also blessed with babies who have a lack of hair when they are born so I am always in need of a headband because if I go out to the store without my baby wearing one I have to awkwardly just pretend that my baby is a boy because I don’t want to correct them (is that weird)…

I love making things DIY and I came across some really cute knotted headband ideas on Pintrest which led me to coming up with this little gem that took me like 30 mins to make start to finish.


Also, I should mention that I made this while my little Gabriella was in the moby wrap napping…


Seriously guys… She spends about 4-5 hrs a day like this. I love it!

So the time it took to make probably could have been faster if I had my body completely to myself.  For the record I love baby wearing and my baby won’t sleep without touching me I do it all the time it’s also a great way to keep warm, those babies are like portable space heaters 😉

Anyway… I first came across this blog @ love stitched with a tutorial of how to make the knot and headband.  I decided that I wanted the headband to be a little thicker so I modified her directions slightly.  Here is what I did:

First I started with an old white T-shirt that I will not be using anymore… Old white maternity shirts… Great for new headbands 😉

Probably should not have taken a picture of a white tshirt on a white counter top... but whatevs...

Probably should not have taken a picture of a white tshirt on a white counter top… but whatevs…

I cut 2 long strips that were about 2 inches wide starting from the bottom of the shirt.  I cut off the ends that were hemmed.  Then I followed the instructions from Love Stitched on how to tie this Celtic style knot.  With the first strip of fabric you make it into the shape of the Breast Cancer ribbons as shown below.


Then you add the second strip… This is where it gets a little tricky and I think using one color for both strips can make it a little hard to follow but here goes 🙂


After this step make the second strip look like the Breast cancer ribbon as well by doing this



What is kind of hard to see from the pictures is that the 2nd strip of fabric, when the Left side is placed under the loop of the first strip it does not go through it… It just lays under it.  Then you grab the Right side of the 2nd strip and weave it inter the L side of itself ending up with something that looks like this:


and then the awesome part happens… Just carefully pull all ends of the strips equally until it looks something like this:


You can thicken it up a little and fold under any of the cut edges that are exposed in the knot to make it look pretty.  Then I placed it around my little growth sweet baby’s head to see how much of the ends I should cut off.  I made a mark exactly where it would fit perfectly if it was not stretchy and cut the ends there (since it is a stretchy tshirt I figured if I overlap the ends it will be just right and stretch slightly to fit)  I got out my trusty and very cheap hot glue gun and glued the edges together:


Then I gut a piece of fabric about 1 1/2 inches thick and just long enough to overlap horizontally and glue together on the underside.  It looked best when I made it a little tighter than the width of the headband.


then I put it on my sleeping baby… As pictured above and not really a good view. 🙂 Thankfully I took some pics when she woke up all smiley and awesome.

DSCN0461 DSCN0463 DSCN0464

And there it is!  Super easy and way cute recycled t shirt headband for a little baby girl.  I am hoping to experiment with other colors and maybe busting out my moms sewing machine that she gave me to make some nice thick ones that are sewn in the back.

Happy DIY’ing!!!